stage1 W1S1 [steıdʒ] n
2¦(part of process)¦
5 centre stage
7 set the stage for something
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: estage, from Vulgar Latin staticum, from Latin stare 'to stand']
1.) ¦(TIME/STATE)¦
a particular time or state that something reaches as it grows or develops
→↑phase, step ↑step stage of/in
the early stages of a child's development
during the later stages of the war
They've just reached the halfway stage of the project.
It's a good move at this stage in his career.
at a crucial stage in the race
We're getting to the stage where we hardly ever go out together.
All children go through an awkward stage at some time.
This treaty marks an important stage in our two countries' relationship.
Let us take the discussion a stage further .
At one stage , it seemed like she was ready to agree.
We can't change the design at this late stage .
one of the parts which something such as a competition or process is divided into
stage of
The team reached the semi-final stage of the competition.
stage 2/6 etc
We're now reaching the end of stage 3 of the construction.
The next stage is to complete an application form.
in stages
The rest of the money will be paid in stages (=a small amount at a time) .
3.) ¦(THEATRE)¦
the raised area in a theatre which actors or singers stand on when they perform
→↑backstage on stage
She is on stage for most of the play.
She appeared on stage with George Michael.
4.) ¦(ACTING)¦
the stage
acting as a profession, especially in theatres
I wanted to go on the stage (=become an actor) .
stars of stage and screen (=theatre and cinema)
5.) centre stage
if someone or something is centre stage, it has everyone's attention, or is very important
Anne's sculpture took centre stage at the show.
The UN has moved to the centre stage of world politics.
6.) ¦(PLACE)¦ [singular]
a place or area of activity where something important happens
on the world/international/political etc stage
He's an experienced campaigner on the world stage.
important figures on the European political stage
stage for
Geneva has been the stage for many such conferences.
7.) set the stage for sth
to prepare for something or make something possible
Will this agreement merely set the stage for another war?
COLLOCATES for sense 1
the early/initial stages (of something)
the later/final stages (of something)
the halfway stage (of something)
critical/crucial/important stage (of/in something)
new stage (of/in something)
reach/get to a stage
go through a stage (of something)
mark a stage (in something)
go/take something/carry something a stage further
at one stage (=at a time in the past)
at some stage/at a later stage (=at a time in the future)
at this stage (=now)
at this late stage
stage 2
stage2 v [T]
1.) to organize a public event
stage a strike/demonstration/sit-in etc
Activists staged a protest outside the parliament.
exhibitions staged in Paris
The candidates' public appearances were carefully staged (=not natural) .
2.) stage a comeback/recovery etc
to start doing something again or being successful, after you had stopped or not been successful for some time
He staged an amazing comeback.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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